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Genetics account for 60% of our skin's aging. Now, for the first time ever, we can do something about it.

There is only one YOU in a world of billions. The design of your genetic code tells the beautiful story of what makes you who you are.

Our code also determines when we start seeing fine lines and wrinkles, the dryness our skin, and our tolerance to UV rays. This explains why some people may start seeing wrinkles in their early 20s and others a decade or more later.
We can’t stop time and we can’t change our genes. However, modern technology and genetic research now allows us to better understand our skin and customize highly effective skincare plans and products. Knowing your individually-unique skin can help you understand which of your skin’s traits are optimal and where you could use a little extra support to prevent the signs of aging.

Enter, Genetic Beauty.

Our DNA Skincare Test checks 107 SNP's and shows you exactly what you need to appear more youthful.

A SNP (pronounced “snip”) is essentially a variant in the genetic code and is inherited from our parents. These variants can affect the operation of our genes and thus the structures and functions of the entire body.
The 107 SNPs that we analyze have been clinically studied and are key contributors to the health, structure, and appearance of our skin. Our experienced team of geneticists and formulators work together to develop skincare products and regimens based on genetics. The future of skincare is available today with Genetic Beauty.

your DNA Skincare Report is
easy as1-2-3


1. Order your DNA Test Kit

Order your DNA Test Kit with your GB Ambassador. We’ll ship it directly to your door.

2. Provide your sample

Follow our simple, easy-to-use instructions. It takes less than three minutes.

3. Drop it in the mail

Seal your sample in the  prepaid, ready-to-mail package and pop it in the mail. We’ll email you with your results in 2-3 weeks.

& results-driven

We are privileged to maintain our own R&D Advisory Board, consisting of geneticists, doctors, and skin experts who are at the top of their fields. Their mission since our inception has been to analyze the DNA of individuals, determine which genetic markers lead to accelerated signs of aging and/or increased likelihood of skin conditions that might require extra support. Based on their findings and dozens of various studies and trials, we collaborated to design effective algorithms that can be translated into a personalized DNA Skin Profile.

Our DNA Skincare Test was the result of countless modifications and vetting of these genetic calculations to ensure the most effective results for each individual. After successfully completing this phase, the next step was to bring in our world-class formulators to design specific ingredient sets that effectively target various DNA Skin Profiles. The innovative product line that our customers now benefit from is the culmination of the brilliant work and problem-solving by our entire Advisory Board and staff.

Our Board is continuously developing new processes and advancing the field of genetics-based solutions for skincare, in addition to other health and wellness products that we are excited to launch in the near future.