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Wrinkles & Elasticity Supplements

Wrinkles & Elasticity Supplements

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Wrinkles & Elasticity Anti-Aging Supplements

- 30 Capsules

- SKU SP101

Product Description

Wrinkles & Elasticity Supplements

The Wrinkles & Elasticity Skin Supplement combines the dynamic properties of collagen with powerful hyaluronic acid to plump, hydrate, and lift the skin. Combined with either our Fine Lines & Wrinkles or Collagen Serums, you have a super-powerful, age-defying combo.


-Green Tea promotes DNA repair and has potent anti-aging properties.
-COQ10 Neutralizes free radicals, improving skin's overall tone and elasticity.
-Powerful collagen boosters plump and hydrate the skin, improving the overall youthfulness.
-Pomegranate regenerates cells, adding a healthy glow to the skin.
-Protein-rich formula aids in overall skin health.
-Biotin is instrumental in healthy skin and hair growth, adding a healthy shine and glow.