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Sensitivity Supplements

Sensitivity Supplements

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Sensitivity Anti-Aging Supplements

- 30 Capsules

- SKU SP102

Product Description

Sensitivity Supplements

Our Sensitivity Supplements are a gentle, yet effective anti-aging blend which helps to improve skin texture, retain essential moisture, and even out skin tone. This formula aids in soothing irritated skin, improving overall texture and brightness. Matched with our Sensitivity Anti-Aging Serum, your skin will look and feel better than ever!


-Resveratrol acts as a free-radical scavenger, helping to enhance the overall texture and brightness of the skin.
-Vitamin B3 works to minimize pores and redness, creating a more even, smooth complexion.
-Grape Seed improves skin's moisture and softness, and helps with hyper-pigmentation of the skin.
-Green Tea promotes DNA repair and has potent anti-aging properties.
-Vitamin E hydrates skin and is instrumental to skin healing.
-Ceramosides hydrate skin, then lock in moisture, creating more vibrant supple skin.